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View From Space is a graphic insight into the world of space photography as of the late 60s. It includes footage showing the physical aspects of the earth and explains how man has profited from these photographic efforts.

Produced and written by
James Benjamin
Directed by David Tapper

Production Houses:
ABC News (American Broadcasting Companies).
McGraw Hill text-films

This is listed by IMDB as S5.E28 of the Horizon series, a British documentary series aired from 1964.
Episode aired Mar 20, 1969

Preserved by Pennsylvania Public Libraries Film Center

The documentary gives thanks to the following (as does Vuflix):
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
California Institute of Technology
Environmental Science Services Administration
Jet Propulsion Lab
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
United States Department of Defense
United States Geological Survey

Vuflix claims no rights to this content, all rights are those of the creators.
This video is reproduced for educational purposes.

McGraw-Hill Films
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