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ALICE GUY-BLACHÉ (1873-1968)
Blaché was the first of her gender to begin experimenting with film making. She worked as the secretary for Leon Gaumont, a French camera maker. She is credited with the production of at least 700 films in France and the US.

Blaché later moved to America and started her own studio, Solax, which was the largest studio in the US for a short period. Blaché began many innovative techniques never before tried: the use of close ups, reaction shots and double exposures.

Blaché set cars on fire, detonated explosives, trained rats to attack the lead actors, ran film backwards, taught animals to act and made the moon smile.

As for The Cabbage Fairy (in English), I always thought storks brought babies but apparently, they come from cabbages. Released 31 March, this is one of the early films by Alice Guy that gained her notoriety.


Note: Movie selected in honor of women for International Womens Day 2022.
Note: This is a restored version of the original film. The original film (1896) is blurry and retains the Solax banner (below).
Credit for Restoration: Svenska Film Institute
Credit for Image: The Cabbage Patch Fairy (1900) A Silent Film Review, Movies Silently, 2019


Alice Guy Blaché
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