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Abraham Lincoln. More has been written about him than any other American. Still few Americans know about Lincolns resolve to become educated. He used every opportunity to read history and great literature and he taught himself skills that would be useful in life. In that process, he developed a profound devotion to the history of his country and to its founders. A devotion that turned the declaration of independence from a relic of the American revolution into a living instrument that fundamentally formed the creed America adopted that helped make all men and women free. This is that story of Abraham Lincoln.

—Introduction By Kent Masterson Brown


“Let us then turn this government back into the channel in which the framers of the constitution originally placed it let us disgard all this quibbling about this man and the other man, this race and that race and the other race being inferior and unite as one people throughout this land until we can once more stand up and declare all men are created equal”
— Abraham Lincoln


Produced by:
Witnessing History Education Foundation Inc.

Written, Directed and Hosted By:
Kent Masterson Brown.


Joe Woodard as Abraham Lincoln

Tim Connors as Senator Stephen A Douglas

Jason Hosfield as Judge Davis

This TV-movie documentary version was inspired by the play by Robert Sherwood, as was the 1940 film by John Cromwell, however whereas the 1940 version may not yet be in the public domain, this version was uploaded to and is assumed to be in the public domain, and in any case is reproduced here for non-commercial educational purposes only. Vuflix does not claim any rights over this content and is reproduced in accord with fair use laws. All of the rights are those of the creators.

Witnessing History Education Foundation
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